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Cincinnati Criminal Lawyer, is assisting people who are convicted of criminal violations for more than thirty years. As a former public prosecutor, attorney Patrick Mulligan received valuable perception on exactly how the other side of the law considers and operates. This expertise has allowed him to get many constructive judgement for his clientele. If you have been convicted of a negligent assault case or even a minor misdemeanour, please do not hesitate to demand the most private attention and good defense in the matter.

If you are experiencing assault charges in the state of Cincinnati, then just an expert assault lawyer will help you. The allegations and penalties for assault are wide ranging, based on the group of the crime done. Whether it’s deemed a misdemeanour or a felony is determined by what truly happened. Even though the assault is because of a misconception or mistake, a conviction could have significant outcomes on your life and potential future. Fines could involve steep fines,prison term and a criminal background. It is better in such fragile matters to get the support of a legal representative which can defend you passionately and boldy. Thus in case you have any questions about challenging the assault allegations, we at Patrick Mulligan and Associates will gladly answer them for you.

What is deemed negligent assault in Cincinnati?

Negligent assault in Cincinnati, is regarded as an assault which is committed without intention. This in fact means you might have induced bodily injury to a person through your neglect. It could have been caused, for instance, in a hunting accident or any incident of identical nature that isn’t intentional, is named as negligent assault. In most cases negligent assault is considered a 3rd degree misdemeanour and is punishable by a fine of up to 500$ and/or a jail period extending to 60 days.

If you’re involved with an assault case in Cincinnati, Ohio, it is best to engage a knowledgeable person to deal with your case. An assault, nonetheless minimal it may look, can lead to conviction, since it is considered as a major offence. The courts aren’t concerned about your issue and how you caused it. They’re quite rigid on this matter and provide no leniency whatsoever. Even though in a crowd, you inadvertently trip an individual and cause physical harm you can be charged with assault. This might lead to a dexbpky95 charge as it is considered you have failed to exercise reasonable care and caution. In other words, if any kind of act by your carelessness causes injury to another party, then you could get arrested for negligent assault. Even though it is a misdemeanour, it’s a crime in the eyes of law.

There are plenty of defense practices for these kinds of cases, like self-defense or proving the act was a wilful one involving both parties. Hence opt for the best legal counsel to avoid any conviction or felony charge which may be imposed.